RISE 2020 – What We Learned

MANA’s first venture into the world of online conferences was filled with the uncertainty and excitement that comes with trying new things.  Board members stepped up to learn the technology needed to bring MANA into the digital age as they recorded their reports for the annual business meeting, which is currently being made available in the Members Only section of the MANA website.  This was well received, and the board has decided to record more meetings over the coming months so that the membership can more easily stay up to date with what the board is discussing and deciding.

In response to requests, the Black Maternal Mental Health panel discussion will be made available for public viewing on the MANA website.  All other non-CEU presentations will be made available on the MANA website in the Members Only section.  All of the 10 CEU presentations made during the live event have been recorded and will remain available as a package on the Gold Learning site here.

 Here’s what some of the participants had to say about their experience:

“What a great conference.  Diverse, insightful and supportive.  I’m slowly crawling into the 21st century and these online conferences are a great way to expand knowledge while in the safety (and reduced costs!) of home.  Fabulous job.” - Cynthia Caillagh

“Good morning!  Am enjoying the online conference and glad the sessions are recorded for later too!  And, I’m so impressed with the new leadership of MANA!” - Ann Geisler

“I was a speaker for #manaconference2020 on Separating the Midwifery and Nursing professions.  Great conversation on background and exploration of the separation of nursing and midwifery!  The US is unique in their multiple midwifery credentials.  It’s confusing, creates hierarchy, and fragments collegiality.  Ultimately, the conflation of midwifery and nursing may not best serve the community.” - Kimber McNally

“Congratulations on a very good virtual conference.” - Ida Darragh

Over the past few years, it became harder to host a live conference that was affordable and accessible – indeed the last two annual conferences lost as much as $15,000 each.  While understanding the importance of providing opportunities for midwives to network, this continued loss for the organization was another impetus to try something new and online.  We are happy to report that the RISE 2020 online conference was able to bring over $10,000 in net profit to the organization. Working with Gold Learning to offer CEU packages from previous conferences through their library made them the obvious choice for the MANA board to work with.  The professionalism provided by Gold’s support team made all the difference in producing a quality product for RISE 2020.  We can’t say enough about how much we enjoyed working with Gold Online and plan to do so again for an online offering in 2021.  Lori Gibson, MANA’s Director of Events, is looking for volunteers for a program committee to plan the next online event, as well as the two regional conferences to be held in 2021. Please contact her at contact@mana.org if you’d like to get involved. 

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