RISE Conference – Registration Remains Open

MANA’s RISE 2020 online conference was a success! We want to thank everyone who registered for the live webinars and discussions.
By request, we decided to keep registration open through the month of November. If you enjoyed the sessions and know others who would benefit from the topics and discussions, let them know that they can register here for 12 CEU hours with Breech Without Borders and another 10 CEU hours with a variety of experts on midwifery topics.
All sessions will be available for viewing through November 30, 2020.

Mobile Midwife Correction

I would like to make a public statement in regard to the discussion, “Balancing the Business of Midwifery” with Sherri Daigle, LM, CPM, MSW that I facilitated.
I retract the statements that I made referring to Mobile Midwife EHR and any breakdown in their systems. I should not have referenced a “rumor” without verifying it; if I did at all.
I apologize to Mobile Midwife EHR and any of their clients for any confusion or stress that my comments created.
My references to my own personal concerns with the digital charting world; is just that, my personal preference. It is not that of any other Midwife nor MANA, as an organization.
Statements referring to Mobile Midwife EHR have been edited out of the presentation.
Renata Hillman, CPM


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