RISE2020 – Sharing Your Voice at Open Forum

The learning curve for creating an online conference offering has been steep over the past few months.  It’s been a balance of bringing along the reasons for having an annual conference in the first place while adapting to the freedoms – and limitations – of today’s technology.

One of the final pieces that fell into place, with a good bit of visioning and collaborating, has been how to open the virtual microphone to MANA members – as well as other in the midwifery community – during Open Forum.  Traditionally, this has been a time for board members to sit quietly while people came forward to express their concerns, questions, suggestions, and shout-outs within a two-minute time limit.  These voices often expressed what would become topics or issues that the board used to plan for the coming year.

One of the advantages of technology is the ability to expand voices and we want to use this to bring more midwifery voices to this year’s online Open Forum.  We are asking that you record a brief (2-minute time limit, remember) video or audio of yourself speaking directly to the MANA board and the greater midwifery community and submit them by email to contact@mana.org no later than Friday, October 23, 2020.  These recordings will be previewed and shared during Open Forum.

Sarita and Tomasina, MANA’s president and vice-president, will facilitate the hour long Open Forum session on the morning of October 28, during which participants will have the option to type in comments, questions and responses to the recordings being played.  They will, along with other MANA board members who may join them, discuss:  Plans for Board Elections; Future Regional Conferences; Future Online CEUs; MANA Statistics Project; Foundation for Advancement for Midwifery and MANA.

Both the 2020 Annual Business Meeting and Open Forum will be recorded and available on the MANA website after the conference is over.  Speak up and send your recordings to contact@mana.org for the benefit of midwifery and the people we serve. 

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