The Legislative Effort in Illinois


The Illinois Friends of Midwives along with the Illinois Council of Certified Professional Midwives have attempted one more time to secure licensing for CPMS in Illinois. The push has been long and arduous. This year is our 41st attempt at many bills being introduced into either the Senate or the House without much movement. The Illinois State Medical Society has long been adversaries to the licensing of CPMs in Illinois and over the past few years the American Academy of Pediatrics in Illinois along with the Illinois trial lawyers have also been throwing up roadblocks to licensing. This past session, along with strong support from top leaders in both the House and the Senate, a stripped-down bill was proposed and was getting momentum in both Chambers. Unfortunately when COVID-19 struck all legislative work was halted and both SB3851 and HP5629 were shuffled to the bottom of importance in Illinois. Emergency licensing was asked for and ignored by the governor. We next asked for inclusion in the Omnibus Bill but was unable to get any traction. Sadly the session is over, but with that said, we feel we have made some strides. Last year, a task force committee met for 6 months and testimony from experts across the country was heard. The committee voted unanimously that CPMs should be licensed in Illinois. Furthermore, the IL medical society was given the green light to negotiate with us. The session is over, but we are hoping for stakeholder meetings that will hopefully bring us agreed-upon language by our veto or lame duck session at the end of the year.


Karen Bachman, CPM

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