Victory in Michigan! First Meeting of the Michigan Board of Licensed Midwifery

The new Michigan Board of Licensed Midwifery held its very first meeting in late June in the state capitol Lansing. The board includes MANA board member Nicole White, CPM and Past MANA President/Executive Director Geradine Simkins. 

Please join us in congratulating them on this important development in Michigan midwifery!

Pictured: Front row: Heather Robinson, CPM; Claretta Duckett-Freeman, Consumer; Geradine Simkins (Vice-Chair), CNM. Back row: Dr. Tami Michele, Amanda Howell, CPM; Kate Mazarra (Chair), CPM; Connie Bonnie Perkins, CPM; Patrice Bobier, CPM; Nicole White, CPM; Stacia Proefrock, CPM; Deborah Fisch, JD & Consumer

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