Current DOR Projects

The majority of the DOR’s past, current, and future projects are in support of ongoing development and oversight of all aspects of the MANA Statistics Registry.

Annual benchmarking: The members of the DOR work together to gather, verify and make available reliable datasets and provide benchmarking data. The DOR provides annual benchmarking statistics from the MANA Stats dataset during the annual MANA conference.

Reasearch using the MANA Stats datasets: Members of the DOR publish articles that describe the overall characteristics of data, clients, and contributing midwives in the MANA Stats database and explain our high-quality, standardized methods of data collection and review. The DOR also supports research using the MANA Stats datasets by qualified researchers through our Research Review Committee and data access procedures.

Advancing evidence-informed practice (EIP): A long-term goal of the DOR is helping midwives to become more fluent in understanding research and applying it to their midwifery practices. Read more about EIP here.

Validation of Datasets: Midwives enrolled in MANA Stats enter their clients into the system early in prenatal care, which helps to prevent selection bias and ensure the validity of the data. Once entered, clients cannot be deleted from the system and a DOR member follows up on all incomplete data. Each of the datasets have been subjected to rigorous data review protocols to ensure accuracy, completeness, and reliability.  The 2.0 dataset has been validated (read: Cheyney et al., 2014: Validation of the 3.0 and 4.0 datasets are in progress. Learn about progress to date on the validation of the 4.0 dataset here!

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