For Researchers

The Midwives Alliance has the largest database on midwife-led births primarily occurring in home or birth center settings in the United States. These datasets include some of the only U.S. data that exists regarding physiologic, low-intervention labor and birth -- data that are becoming more and more rare due to the increase in “routine” interventions in the hospital setting.  The MANA Stats datasets are a source of information on normal lengths of pregnancy and labor, non-pharmacological approaches to pain management, mother-led birth positions, hydrotherapy in labor, and more. These data have been accessed by more than a dozen researchers.

Surrounding the recent upgrade of our platform, the Research Committee is currently developing updated access protocols. We anticipate restoring full functionality soon. If you would like to be notified when researcher access becomes available please contact

When researcher access is restored, we encourage qualified researchers to apply to access existing datasets. The Research Committee will also accept applications for prospective studies that include additional fields not currently collected, via customized research modules. 




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