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MANA Stats is a project of the Division of Research of the Midwives Alliance of North America, an organization inclusive of all forms of midwifery.  Midwives Alliance midwives have been collecting their statistics for research purposes since the 1990s.  The MANA Statistics Project (MANA Stats) online data collection was launched in November 2004 and continues today.

Are you a researcher interested in accessing the MANA Stats data?

See our researcher page for more information.

Are you a midwife who would like to contribute your data?

In order to submit birth data to the MANA Statistics Project, you must enroll as a contributor. In doing so, you agree to log every client who comes into your care, that consents to be in MANA Statsand to enter complete data for every birth you attend, using our easy and secure Web-based system.

For more information and to enroll as contributor, click here

Want to enroll?

You can enroll online, here. Ideally all members of a practice should enroll.  An account will be set up for you upon enrollment.  The site features extensive documentation to explain the system and how to use it. 

You do not need to be a member of the Midwives Alliance to enroll, though the project depends on support from the community through membership so we do strongly encourage users to become MANA members!  There is no fee to use the MANA Stats system. You do not have to practice in the home or birth center setting; hospital-based midwives are welcome to enroll as well. Questions regarding enrollment and participation can be addressed to the MANA Stats Support Team at

Certified Professional Midwives can earn CEUs towards recertification by contributing to MANA Stats.  See NARM’s CPM recertification bulletin for details

Contributors and organizations of contributors (such as state professional midwifery associations) may access summary statistics of their own data at any time. Contact the Support Team for more details.

See our FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions about the MANA Statistics Project.

Enroll to submit your data to MANA Stats.

MANA Stats Migration

It’s time!

After a long labor the new MANA Stats is arriving!

About MANA Stats

The MANA Statistics Registry (MANA Stats) has gathered has over 24,000 records in the initial 2.0 dataset (2004-2009), with more than 15,000 records completed in the second 3.0 dataset (2009-2011). Over 1000 records are contributed monthly to our third dataset 4.0 via a state-of-the-art web-based electronic data collection system. As of June 2016 we passed 100,000 records in the combined datasets.

For Researchers

The Midwives Alliance has the largest database on midwife-led births primarily occurring in home or birth center settings in the United States. These datasets include some of the only U.S.




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