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Midwives Participating in Critical Research

By participating in the MANA Statistics Registry, you are helping your practice and profession to participate in continuous quality improvement as we strive to provide the highest possible quality of care to mothers and babies.

By using the resources of the MANA Statistics database to track your practice outcomes, you will be able to assess your own practice and compare your outcomes to those of midwives across the country.

You will also be providing much-needed data that researchers can analyze to understand the connections between midwifery care, physiologic labor and birth, and optimal outcomes which have been described in the literature. This information has the potential to inform maternity care in all settings.

Although the majority of participants in the MANA Stats project practice in home or birth center settings, all midwives are welcome to participate.

To learn more about the MANA Stats web-based data collection tool, click here to visit the demonstration version of the MANA Stats site.  Visitors can sign in as a guest and click around the data collection form (no data are saved or submitted to the main database).

Midwives can sign up to participate today by visiting the MANA Stats site at

  • When you sign up, we talk with you by phone to make sure you know how to get going with MANA Stats. We have a team of Data Doulas who can help you to navigate the site and answer your questions.
  • We have streamlined the data form, making it much shorter and easier to fill out, so that once you are familiar with it, it should take no longer than 10 minutes per client to complete from start to finish.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us with the work of the Division of Research. Click here to let us know that you’re interested!

Connect Me! A Mentorship Coordination Program of the MANA DOR

Designed & Managed by: the Midwives Alliance Division of Research (MANA DOR)

Contact: Dr. Courtney Everson, Director of Research Education for the MANA DOR,


The purpose of the Connect Me! Mentorship Program is to effectively connect student midwives/practicing midwives with established researchers that may serve as mentors and advisors to individuals passionate about conducting research on midwife-led care and normal, physiological birth practices, using the MANA Statistics Project dataset. We envision this program as a national coordination system that connects individuals across geographic boundaries, and advances the growth of the midwife-researcher community. This project furthers the MANA Division of Research’s longstanding commitment to community-based participatory research (CBPR) and the DOR’s strategic priority to increase the research fluency of midwives. Ultimately, we hope for this program to nurture the midwife-researcher community; advance the research fluency of midwives nationwide; and support the DOR’s strategic priority to enable transformative research that supports and improves midwifery care by facilitating research projects that utilize the MANA Stats dataset through mentorship matches.


If you are interested in serving as a mentor/advisor for the Connect Me! Program, or if you are novice midwife-researcher/student researcher looking for a mentor, please contact Dr. Courtney Everson at




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