Professional Resources

Please check out the resources on the following pages for more infomation about midwives, the midwifery model of care, stakeholder organizations and other resources. 

Core Documents of the Midwives Alliance

The essential documents of the Midwives Alliance describe the core competencies for basic midwifery practice, as well as the standards, qualifications and ethics necessary to provide high-quality, evidence-based services to women, newborns and childbearing families.

Position Papers

As a leader in the midwifery profession, MANA has written position statements to provide direction and focus for issues related to women's health, midwifery, reproductive rights, normal physiologic birth, choices in childbirth, and other related topics.

Organizations & Coalitions

As the Midwives Alliance envisions strategies for the future and creative ways to promote the midwifery model of care, we have forged relationships with partners and collaborators to enhance the work we do. Our mission is to increase access to quality health care and improve outcomes for women, babies, families, and communities. Listed below are some of our partner organizations.

Resources for Midwives

Information, education, and assistance for practice, preceptor, and business.