"I realized, in addition to the internalized abuse and oppression issues, just how intense the problem of bullying is among midwives.
So many times I hear it characterized as conflict among 'powerful women'—as though we are bullying one another simply because we are so strong.
The truth is that our bullying reflects the fact that we are powerless and fearful."


During the Open Forum at MANA's 2016 conference many midwives and students spoke eloquently about experiencing bullying within the midwifery profession both as students and as midwives. Many of them asked for help from MANA in addressing the topic and working towards resolution and recovery.

In a 5 part series first published in Midwifery Today in 2006 and 2007, MANA President Marinah Valenzuela Farrell provides an in-depth look at bullying and its effects, and offers strategies to cope with and end bullying.

  1. Bullying is the first in a series of articles on bullying, a problem that has been identified within the profession of midwifery, as well as in many other areas. Read the article here.
  2. Who is the Bully? is the second article in the series. It addresses what bullies do and why they do it. Read the article here.
  3. The Target of the Bully and the Effects of PTSD focuses on the bully's target and the effects of bullying including posttraumatic stress disorder. Read the article here
  4. Finding Better Solutions to End Bullying - What a Midwife Can Do offers solutions for midwives who find themselves the target of a bully. Read the article here.
  5. Finding Better Solutions to End Bullying - What an Organization Can Do addresses what organizations can do to end bullying, as well as legislative solutions that have been proposed. Read the article here.

The Dignity Birth Campaign is another way in which MANA is working to promote dignified and compassionate care by and for midwives. Read about the Dignity Birth Campaign in our Advocacy Section.