Proposed Texas Legislation 2021

It seems like it has always been legal to practice midwifery in Texas.  Before it was part of the United States of America, the Spanish Governor of Texas licensed midwives as early as 1806. Even as late as 1900 more than half of the births in the state (and in some counties more than ⅔) were attended by midwives. 

Congrats South Dakota!

Last week, the South Dakota House of Representatives passed legislation designed to create a licensure board for Certified Professional Midwives. The bill comes after 25 years of efforts on the part of South Dakota home birth advocates, including South Dakota Birth Matters.

Michigan CPM Legislation Signed into Law

Michigan CPM legislation was signed into law today, January 4th. The bill was passed thanks to efforts by the Coalition to License Certified Professional Midwives in Michigan and the consumer organization Friends of Michigan Midwives (FOMM), who contributed countless volunteer hours for over eight years to secure licensure. The midwives in Michigan look forward to spreading the midwifery model to more families and to increasing collaboration through a more cohesive relationship with other health care providers. 

Jill Breen CPM, CLC


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