MANA 2014 Schedule

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NOTE: Preliminary Schedule as of June 25, Subject to Change.

Click here for a print version of the MANA 2014 Schedule.

Join us from 8:00-9:00 pm on Thursday, October 23, for the Convention Opening Ceremonies with a Cocktail Reception in the Exhibit Hall to follow!

Friday, October 24, 2014; Convention Day 1

8:00-9:00 am—President’s Welcome

9:00-10:00 am—Plenary: Undisturbed Birth—Sister Sandra MorningStar CPM

11:00-12:30 pm—Breakout Sessions A

  1. Saving Ourselves - Black Midwives and Doulas Impacting Inequities—Sherry Lenore Payne RN MSN CNE IBCLC
  2. Birth and the Primal Brain - Survival of the Species in the Modern World—Sarita Bennett DO, CPM
  3. Midwives As Appropriate First Responders to Disasters Worldwide— Vicki Penwell CPM, LM, MS, MA
  4. AME PRESENTS: An Exploration of Power Within the Student-Preceptor Relationship—Lisa Maureen Wiley MSM
  5. The Evidence-Based Due Date: What the Research Says About Length of Pregnancy (and What MANA Stats 4.0 Data Can Tell Us)—Ellen Harris-Braun CPM; Melissa Cheyney PhD, CPM, LDM; Marit Bovbjerg MS, PhD

12:30-1:30 pm—Lunch

1:30-2:30 pm—Plenary: Jessica Danforth

2:30-4:00 pm—MANA Business Meeting

4:30-6:00 pm—Breakout Sessions B

  1. What You Don’t Know Hurts Us: Racism, White Privilege, and Perinatal Health Inequities—Sherry Lenore Payne RN MSN CNE IBCLC
  2. Decoding Legalese: A Hands-on, Holistic Introduction to the Law and How it Impacts You—Indra Lusero MA, JD
  3. Obstetric Fistula and Illegal Birth Attendants in Eastern Uganda—Bonnie Ruder CPM, MPH, MA
  4. The NARM Certification Process: Updates on Recent Changes and Expectations for the Future—Ida Darragh CPM
  5. Recognizing Subclinical Hypothyroidism in Pregnant Mothers and Newborns—Erica Peirson ND

Rooftop Dance Under the Stars!

Saturday, October 25, 2014; Convention Day 2

8:00-9:00 am—Keynote Address: Dorothy Roberts

9:00-10:00 am—Plenary: MANA Division of Research Annual Update and 2014 Research Roundup—Melissa Cheyney PhD, CPM, LDM

11:00-12:30 pm—Breakout Sessions C

  1. AME Presents: Out of country clinical placements: Calling the question for MEAC schools—Wendy M. Gordon CPM, LM, MPH; Mary Yglesia; Ida Darragh CPM
  2. Session Title TBD (part 1)—J. Wallace
  3. Supporting Muslim Families in the Childbearing Year: A Guide for Midwives—Shannon Staloch LM, CPM, IBCLC; Krystina Friedlander
  4. Legislative Drafting for Midwifery Advocates—April Blackmore JD
  5.  Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy: What Midwives Need to Know—Sarah Hunter CPM, CH

12:30-1:30 pm—Lunch

1:30-2:30 pm—Awards Ceremony

3:00-4:00 pm—MANA Open Forum

4:00-4:30 pm—FAM Appeal and Auction!

4:30-6:00 pm—Breakout Sessions D

  1. Outcomes for mothers and neonates following waterbirth: The MANA Statistics Project 2004-2009 cohort, n=16,355— Marit Bovbjerg MS, PhD; Melissa Cheyney PhD, CPM, LDM; Courtney Everson MA, PhDc
  2. The Anti-Shock Garment Training for Midwives—Vicki Penwell CPM, LM, MS, MA
  3. Gestational Diabetes: What Do We Know, What Do We See, What Can We Do—Linda Schutt BS CPM CM; Susan Derby CPM
  4. Playing the Insurance Game—Christine Romney; Nicole Wocelka CPM
  5. Midwifery and the Life Continuum: Lessons Drawn from Birth and Death—Amy Wright Glenn MA, CD(DONA)
  6. Session Title TBD (part 1)—J. Wallace

Sunday, October 26, 2014; Convention Day 3

8:00-9:00 am—Plenary: Making Sense of HIPAA—Christine Romney; Jeanette McCulloch IBCLC; Jenni Huntly, RM

9:00-10:00 am—Panel: Midwifery in Native American Communities - The Challenge

11:00-12:30 pm—Breakout Sessions E

  1. City Dweller Syndrome—Sister Sandra MorningStar CPM
  2. ACNM, MANA and NACPM: Working Together to Promote Normal Birth in the United States—Justine Clegg MS, LM, CPM; Ellie Daniels CPM; Catherine Collins-Fulea MSN, CNM, FACNM
  3. Hiding behind the Masks: Eating Disorders and Anxiety Disorders During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period—Tara Tulley CPM, LCSW
  4. Basic Disaster Birth Support (BDBS) A Means of Changing the Perception of Birth (Change for the Future)—Ruth C. Walsh MA, CPM
  5. Grief Politicized: When Homebirth Becomes Stillbirth—Elizabeth Heineman PhD
  6. Assessing FHTs in Labor—Wendy Gordon CPM, LM, MPH

12:30-1:30 pm—Lunch

2:30-3:30 pm—Plenary: Report from Home Birth Consensus: National Collaborative Guidelines on Transport from Home Birth to Hospital—Diane Holzer LM, CPM, PAC; Tami Michelle OB/GYN

3:30 pm—Closing Ceremony