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MANA is an online site that offers straightforward health education, guiding readers through the vast realm of information with up-to-date, science-led, fact-based medical content that is easy to comprehend.

We thoroughly examine health policy issues and provide impartial journalism that fearlessly tackles controversial topics.



Our experienced editorial team possesses a comprehensive understanding of consumer insights and social trends. We utilize best practices to ensure clarity in our content. We adhere to rigorous citation guidelines by selecting primary sources from peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutes, and medical journals. To promote transparency, we provide links to all the sources within our articles, which are displayed at the bottom of the resources section.



A diverse network of contributors, including professional health writers, medical doctors (MDs, ODs, VMDs), nurses (RNs, MSNs, PHNs), and other experts (PharmDs, PhDs, MPHs) in various health-related fields, come together to provide valuable insights. Our contributors address complex topics using their clinical experience and the latest research.

We are committed to promoting diversity in our network, encompassing gender, age, and race, to ensure we meet the needs and concerns of our readers.


Board of medical advisors

We prioritize accuracy in our content by continually expanding our Board of Medical Advisors, which comprises experienced PhDs and MDs. This board diligently reviews MANA articles to ensure their quality.


Content team

The content team’s goal is to expand and coordinate the network of contributors and the Board of Medical Advisors, ensuring that MANA covers a broader range of topics. Our continuous strive to enhance content creation aims to positively impact people’s well-being in the US and worldwide.


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