Director, Division of Health Policy and Advocacy


The Director of the Division of Health Policy and Advocacy has four key areas of responsibility: ƒ

  • knowledge and expertise in issues that involve midwifery work force, reimbursement, education, credentialing
  • ƒknowledge and expertise in ICM global standards, including knowledge of Education, Regulation, Association (ERA)ƒ
  • participation in advocacy projects and coalitionsƒ
  • oversight of certain MANA Committees.

The Director of the Division of Health Policy and Advocacy is responsible to maintain MANA’s strong voice of expertise regarding the Midwifery Model of Care and normal physiologic birth and to impact policy through the dissemination of transformative research findings.

The Director will: ƒ

  • be a current voting member of MANA
  • ƒattend phone, virtual, and in-person Board meetings, and annual conference
  • ƒmaintain knowledge of and report trends and events in midwifery legislation and maternal child health policies ƒ
  • coordinate legislative updates for MANA website
  • ƒin coordination with the President, nurture and maintain strategic partnerships, alliances and collaborations ƒin coordination with the President, oversee Division of Access and Equityƒ
  • address knowledge gaps regarding out of hospital birth, licensing/credentialing, and education pathwaysƒ
  • provide regional, national and international advocacy through mentorship or by providing testimonyƒ
  • disseminate transformative research findings in midwifery care across the lifespan to impact policy change for optimal outcomes
  • oversee the following committees:
    • Legislative Committee
    • Legal Advisory Committee
    • ICM Section
    • Ad hoc Committees as needed

Preferred Skill Set

Previous nonprofit board experience or volunteer experience for an organization with similar goals as MANA is preferred, but not necessary. Persons seeking this position will actively pursue, appreciate and mentor the broadest cultural and geographic diversity to the Board, and have knowledge of and commitment to cultural safety and competency. Additional preferred skills: expertise in MCH policy work and public campaigning, excellent writing and verbal communication skills, confidence, tactful-ness, motivation, knowledgeable of principles and practices of social and reproductive justice, access and equity, collaborative team player, effective organizer, and negotiation skills.


The amount of time that members spend on MANA Board work ranges from 0 to 15 hours per week depending on the time of year and projects they are involved in. Board members are expected to follow through with deadlines and commitments made, with the understanding that we are all practicing midwives.

Downloadable File: 

PDF iconHealth Policy & Advocacy.pdf

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