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MANA’s Access and Equity Committee

09/01/2015 – 9:12pm

Indra Lusero, JD, MA

Indra Lusero has been working on access and equity issues for as long as they can remember. When they were sixteen, they participated in their first Undoing Racism training through the Leadership Institute of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. Soon after, they were trained through the National Coalition Building Institute’s Train the Trainers program. They served on the Student Diversity Committee and the University Diversity Committee in college, and created innovative forums, including writing and producing one-acts and plays that addressed access and equity. Indra toured a one-person show about race, gender, sexuality, family, community and identity in their twenties. Indra brings their own experience as a skin-color-privileged, queer, genderqueer, Latin@ from the US Southwest to their access and equity work. They have been involved in tackling access and equity issues in every organization they have worked for, and have complimented that work with extensive reading and coursework at every level of their education. While pregnant, Indra read Our Word is Our Weapon: Selected Writings by Zapatista writer, philosopher, and political theorist, Subcomandante Marcos. Indra was struck by the applications of the theories to midwifery. They, like the Zapatistas, are “fighting for a world where all worlds fit.” Indra has been impassioned about the access and equity work that is essential to and utterly bound up with midwifery ever since. Indra participated in the 21st Century Fellows Program for leadership development of LGBT people of color, and more recently, Indra was in the first cohort of the Speaking Race to Power fellowship through CoreAlign. Indra brings all of this expertise to their work at Elephant Circle, a community organizing, training, research, outreach, and legal services organization they founded. In addition, Indra currently facilitates the Equity Task Force of US MERA, and is spearheading the building of the new Division of Access and Equity at MANA.

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