Midwives As a Key Solution to Alarming Trends

The evidence is mounting that because midwives focus on normal physiologic childbirth and safe, personalized, cost-effective care, they offer a key solution to what ails our broken maternity care system.

Opportunities to support and promote maternal and child health care policies that:

  • Position exemplary maternity care models squarely within the U.S. health care system
  • Showcase evidenced-based choices in childbirth
  • Affect better outcomes for mothers and babies
  • Address disparities in health care status
  • Create greater access to midwives so they can play an integral part in a diverse, high quality, multidisciplinary maternity care workforce.

MANA and our partners are influencing and shaping maternal and child health policy by:

  • Working with congressional offices to ensure that midwives figure prominently in new legislation for maternal and child health care
  • Collaborating with other professional organization in global and national alliances
  • Organizing grassroots support for legislation that includes midwives, citizens and other health care professionals