Updated MANA Community Policy

Updated MANA Community Policy

Dear members of the MANA community:

Thank you all for the warm welcome the blog has received. We are very grateful for your input, your feedback, and most of all, your community.

Our goal in launching the blog and all of our online communications is to create a safe space for those who want to discuss evidence-based information about midwifery (and related topics). To ensure that we can maintain that safe space, we have had in place for some time a set of community guidelines, which you can find here.

We welcome and encourage healthy dissent within our community. Our goal as an organization is to ensure high quality, empowering, women-centered maternity care as exemplified by the midwifery model of care. (To learn more about our goals, mission, and vision, read here.) Sometimes that means tough conversations, and we are ready and willing to meet those head on, with openness and transparency.

We also know that these conversations will not achieve the full participation of our community if some members feel as if their comments are subject to bullying or harassment.

To ensure the highest level of debate, we are going to modify our comment policy.

For a comment to be published, it must include your first and last name, and may be verified via e-mail. As with most comment systems, your e-mail will be required for you to leave a post. Your e-mail will not be published on the MANA site and will be kept private - we request it so that we can contact you if necessary. (If there are special circumstances in which you’d like to keep your name private, please leave a comment explaining the situation and we’ll discuss it privately. When that happens, we’ll agree on a solution and let the group know our joint thinking.)

All comments must be relevant to the post or topic. If we have already answered a question you posted, we may refer you to previous responses and/or not publish your comment. If your comment does not directly correspond with the post it will not be posted.

Please honor and recognize that MANA is a volunteer-driven organization. We do our best to moderate comments quickly, but may not always be able to publish comments as fast as we’d like.

You can view the newly updated policy here. If you have questions, comments, or thoughts about our policy, this post is the place to share them! We look forward to deepening the conversation with the MANA community.

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