MANA Supports Justice and Equity within Midwifery

MANA Supports Justice and Equity within Midwifery


We want the dismantling and destruction of all systems of institutionalized racism that contribute daily to the torment and deaths of Black people.

"A midwife -- especially a black midwife -- can tilt the balance between life and death for African American infants and their mothers... "[r]acism is part and parcel of being black in the United States, and it compromises the health of African American women and their infants... Put simply, structural racism compromises health." From the MedPage Today article, The Black Midwives MovementFebruary 23, 2020.

As this group of committed, conscious board members embark on rebuilding and fortifying all Midwives worldwide, we also recall the systemic disrespect and origins of racism and discrimination in Midwifery. MANA is using a magnifying glass to search out policy and programs that disrupt progress in Midwifery.

MANA continues to rise within choosing to support justice and equity within MIDWIFERY! 

Every conversation, every engagement with refining fires, every argument and disagreement that I encounter while moving towards the universal goal of Black Emancipation inspires Me! I often ask to remind Myself: Who is in charge of Your destiny until You Own it? Build it? Create it? Birth it?!

How do We dismantle and destroy institutionalized racism and discrimination without addressing its effects within Midwifery organizations?

MANA has "salve for the soul!" MANA is here to not only initiate those challenging conversations that address the minds and behaviors affected but to implement justice and equity within Midwifery.

As I proudly embrace the power within our Black Solidarity Statement, I welcome comments, ideas and share thoughts during this incredible transformation! 

Though We can't meet face to face for this year's conference, I will sing this loud and proud in honor of how grateful I AM To Be A MIDWIFE! 

"I Love Being a Midwife, deep down in My Soul, I Love Being a Midwife, deep down in My Soul! I said deep, deep - down, down -- deep down in My Soul...". If You don't know this song, ask an elder or sister midwife.

Rise - MANA2020 Conference will be held October 27-28, 2020. Join Us in the advancement of Midwifery!

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