Your Birth Photos Featured On the MANA Website!

Your Birth Photos Featured On the MANA Website!

MANA's getting a new look, and we'd love your pictures to be a part of it. Read on to learn how to share your images with the MANA website.

The MANA website is getting a makeover, and we would love to feature your birth images! The MANA website receives thousands of views each month, and we hope your images will be a part of it. Sharing your photos is one way that you can support midwifery.

We are seeking photos that show the many sides of birth, including different settings (home, birth center, and hospital) and a variety of families (we are especially seeking images that depict families of color and LGBTQIA pictures). Photos can be taken during any stage of care, from prenatal care to labor and birth to postpartum visits. We are hoping to include midwives themselves in as many pictures as possible, but we'll consider your amazing birth picture where the midwife is not in the shot!


  • Keep the Photo Simple: Focus on the subject while limiting background items and distractions.
  • High Resolution and Size: Photos must meet the MINIMUM specifications of being a jpeg file, 300DPI; and at least 8″ wide. Please do not send photos of lesser size and resolution. They cannot be used for print publication. Photos which do not meet these specifications can not be considered.
  • Keep Cropping in Mind: All of the images on our website are horizontal (landscape). Please either submit your photos in this manner or be aware of how this cropping could impact your photo.
  • Photo Consent: If a recognizable person is in the photo (e.g., the face of a parent/baby/midwife), you must be able to provide a photo consent form. If your photo is selected, we will provide you with a specific release form for use.
  • No Watermarking. Photo credit and, if requested, a link to the photographer's website will be provided on the MANA website. However, we are unable to use watermarked images.

Please submit your photos to Marie. If your photo is under consideration, MANA will contact you to request a photo release form and discuss other next steps. Please consider sharing with photographers and families you know who would like to share their pictures and support midwifery care!

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