If you would rather join or renew via snail mail, please download and print the membership form here and mail it with your payment according to the directions on the form.

We appreciate your support and patronage. Please note, as a professional membership organization, the Midwives Alliance does not issue refunds on membership. 

PLEASE ONLY CLICK SUBMIT ONE TIME or you will be charged multiple times! It takes a while for the payment to go through, please be patient.



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PLEASE NOTE: This form is for NEW MEMBERS ONLY. If you are renewing an existing membership, please go to your Member Dashboard.
The following is for your personal information, specifically the billing information on your credit card. You will be able to enter different information for your Mothers Naturally listing later on (if relevant).

Please choose the type of MANA membership you would like to purchase today.


  • Midwife (Lifetime) - $ 3,000.00 one-time payment or 6 consecutive payments of $500
  • Midwife (practicing) - $ 150.00 / year
  • Midwife (retired or non-income-earning) - $ 95.00 / year

These three membership types are able to vote in MANA elections, hold office, and chair committees. Voting members have the option of listing their practice on the Mothers Naturally website Referral page, and do not pay for CEUs at the annual MANA conference.


  • Supporter (Lifetime) - $ 3,000.00 one-time payment or 6 consecutive payments of $500

Supporters are non-voting and do not have their practices listed on Mothers Naturally.


  • Student or Apprentice - $ 55.00 / year
  • Affiliate - $ 75.00 / year

If you are a midwifery student or are affiliated with midwifery in some other way and would like to join to show your support of MANA, choose one of those membership options. Students and affiliates are non-voting memberships.


  • Group - $ 200.00 / year

If you represent an educational program, midwifery school, midwifery supportive program, a state or local organization, or similar group, you may join as a "Group." Group membership includes the option of your listing showing in our Mothers Naturally referral web page. This is a non-voting membership and does not qualify for a discount at the MANA annual convention.