Referral List

As part of our complete public education plan started in 2005, our consumer website—Mothers Naturally, for what you care about most—was developed at

This web site is oriented toward women who might never have even considered a midwife or known they are a possibility. The information and stories will benefit them regardless of the care provider they choose, but it might also be enough to encourage them to consider a midwife.

Any midwife who is a MANA Midwife member in good standing will be listed on the Mothers Naturally referral page unless they request to be excluded from this membership benefit.

A MANA midwife member in good standing:
  • Has paid Midwife membership dues and
  • Uses MANA’s Essential Documents as guidance for professional conduct in the practice of midwifery.

When a midwife engages in a review process as set forth by her peer review, professional, or regulatory body and that body makes recommendations regarding her practice or training, places her on probation, or suspends her license, MANA may remove her name from the Mothers Naturally web referral list until she completes the conditions required or her license has been restored. A written notification from the body that took the action will be required before her name is returned to the Mothers Naturally web referral list.

Take advantage of this additional benefit of your Midwives Alliance membership; get listed on the Mothers Naturally web referral page; expand your client base!