MANA at the 5th Annual Carolina Birth Junkies' Retreat

Sarita Bennett, MANA President and Renata Hillman, MANA Secretary were off to South Carolina in August to attend the Carolina Birth Junkies' 5th Annual Retreat. What a Blast!!!!

It was attended by over 25 midwives plus others. The sessions were great! Lots of learning, great sharing, and new relationships forged.

Sarita lead an ALSO workshop; with a full attendance of over 20 participants. It was well received and lots of fun.  Sarita's goal is to form an ALSO instructors group – including sponsoring ALSO instructor courses - for MANA to utilize at ALSO provider courses during future conferences. (More info to come on that)

Two exciting things that MANA brought away from this well-planned retreat:

1- Lori Gibson, CPM, has agreed to join the MANA Board as our new Director of Events.

She and Christine Strothers, CPM, have been planning the Carolina Birth Junkie annual retreats; as well as, other educational and fun events in their area for several years with great success. Lori brings to our Board her seasoned coordinating skills and experience. Welcome aboard Lori!

2- MANA (Sarita and Renata) with Carolina Birth Junkies (Lori and Christine) discussed joining forces for next year's first Regional Retreat in South Carolina. It is being discussed with MANA Board and CBJ. We have a tentative date of next August.  Stay tuned for more details!

Regional Conferences are where MANA wants to be; on the ground with the local Midwives and within the Communities we serve. We currently have 2 regional conferences on the calendar for 2021, May in Mississippi and August in South Carolina. Any state organization interested in hosting a MANA Regional Conference in 2022, please contact MANA.

MANA's mission is to unite, strengthen, support and advocate for the midwives in North America as they serve their communities. Midwifery is our Heritage, our Present, and our Future.

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