Nominations Open for All Board Positions

The Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) is the organization that unites all
midwives under a single cause – the advancement of midwifery – regardless of credential,
degree, or route of entry. When MANA is strong, all midwives are stronger. The last decade has
seen MANA struggling under the weight of its own history, and too organizationally bound to
move forward effectively. Drastic action is needed to bring the vision of our founders in
alignment with the priorities of midwifery in the 2020s. 

The future of MANA has arrived!

ALL BOARD POSITIONS are open for nominations and elections. 

* A newly-elected board, committed to the proven effectiveness of midwives in the reduction of
health inequities will lead all midwives in the fight to improve the lives of mothers,
babies, birthing people and families of every description. 

* A newly-elected board, committed to birth justice and social justice, will support all midwives
working to improve outcomes and reduce inequities in their communities. 

* A newly-elected board, supporting a generation of midwives who came up in a country with
legal midwifery in all but a few states will lead midwives in the fight for recognition and
respect as the logical care providers for all birthing people

ALL BOARD POSITIONS are open for nominations and elections. In order to keep our election
cycles in place, each position will last for the current term only (see below). This shortened term
will not apply to the 3-term limit and all elected members are welcome to run for election again
when their term is up. 

This is your opportunity to birth a new MANA in your image. MANA needs midwives from every
community, every part of the country, every race, gender, culture, route of entry, and practice
credential to nominate themselves or their friends to be part of the rebirth of the Midwives
Alliance of North America. Nominate someone today! Send nominations to [email protected].

Not ready to be on the Board?

All MANA work groups and committees need leaders and volunteers. MANA isn’t working on
your concerns? Start a MANA committee and make your voice heard! Bring the strength of an
international organization to the table. 

Not ready to volunteer?

Join MANA and vote in this historic FULL BOARD ELECTION. Make sure that your voice is
heard in the rebirth of the only organization representing all midwives. Keep an eye out for an
upcoming membership discount to celebrate MANA’s rebirth. 

Board Positions and end of term (all terms end in March):
President -2023
Vice President -2024
Secretary 2022
Treasurer -2024
Director of Events -2024
Director of Professional Development -2023
Director of Public Affairs -2023
Director of Organizational Development -2022
Director of Policy and Advocacy -2022

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