RISE 2020 Updates

COVID 19 remains a part of our daily lives, interrupting school years, workloads, and travel options. Extremism, violence, and chaos dominate the media. Everything is changing.

As summer ends and MANA’s first online conference approaches, the MANA board is grateful to have been able to partner with Gold Learning to create this opportunity. Midwives need continuing education and they need community with each other – those two values were made clear in last year’s survey. We hope that you will join us and give feedback so that we can improve future offerings.

To make the MANA – RISE2020 even more accessible, the 2-day content will be recorded and available to participants to view at their convenience during the month of November. The 2-day Breech Without Borders pre-conference will be available starting October 1 and will also continue to be available for participants through the end of November.

As midwives and students register for the conference, we are glad to see two trends, interest in the conference from people all across the country, and more people who work together are registering together. We are hoping that small groups will, within the limitations of their pandemic restrictions, gather together to watch and attend the conference. In order to earn CEUs, each person will need their own computer to be able to answer the required questions at the end of each session.

During the 2-day live conference on October 27 and 28, 2020, there will be many opportunities for participants to engage with the speakers or facilitators either in writing or by joining in by audio. The discussions held during the break out session each day will give you the opportunity to interact directly with the facilitators. For specific CEU workshops, time for interactive questions and answers will be available. The MANA Board is committed to improved communication and has created several ways to give midwives a voice during the conference.

Open Forum has traditionally been the time for members to speak to the board and there will be an online version to begin Day 2 of the conference that will be recorded and offered, along with a recording of the Business Meeting, on the website under “members only”. Prior to the conference, you can enter your questions/concerns/comments HERE to be shared during Open Forum. More comments will be collected during the Business Meeting on Day 1 of the conference and also shared during Open Forum. And, of course, during the Open Forum session, participants will be able to enter comments in real-time that will be shared with everyone.

We have had one last-minute change in speakers and are thrilled to have Karen Strange join our list of talented midwifery experts.

Check out MANA – RISE2020 Website to view the schedule and register to join us!

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