Timeline: It's time to move to the new MANAStats!

It’s time!

After a long labor the new MANA Stats is arriving. Please take note of the following timeline and instructions:


May 31st - Last Day at manastats.org

Deadline to finish all of your 2021 forms at manastats.org. Please complete your 2021 forms on or before this date.


June 1st to 6th - MANA Stats migration.

Please DO NOT ENTER any data into manastats.org after this time because you risk losing (only) that data.

Your MANA Stats account and data will be moved into the updated system during this time. You will be able to enter all your data at manastatsplus.org starting on June 7th. *In the very unlikely case that you are not able to enter a form before the birth due to this scheduled downtime, please contact stats@mana.org for instructions.


June 7th - Login to MANAStatsPlus.org

Log in to manastatsplus.org with your existing user name and password to continue using your MANA Stats account!

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